Friday, February 11

Rise and Fall of the American Empire

In studying the patterns of History, the potential for collapse becomes very clear: every Empire, no matter how large or powerful, must collapse or be conquered at some point. While the United States being conquered any time in the near future is unlikely, it seems a little more likely that the American Empire could be on the verge of collapsing into chaos and ruin. Bound to happen at some point, what do you think is the likelihood of it happening in the immediate future? What do you think the causes of this collapse would be, or what still needs to happen for the collapse to occur?


  1. I think financial ruin is the most likely. Either the American people will rise up again taxation, or another country or bloc of countries will call in their debt and start a war over it. Either way is scary--chaos and anarchy.

    We are overburdened with personal and governmental debt and the price is eventually bankruptcy.

    My two bits.

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