Friday, February 11

Method to the Madness

Although it may not seem like it, there is a method to chaos of the questions I've selected. I am intentionally doing a wide variety of questions, while trying to keep things time-related (a question about Egypt can't really wait until next year, a question about philosophic interpretations of breakfast cereals can). With that in mind, I write down any questions that I'm either really curious about hearing answers or that I think will inspire conversation or one that I feel needs exploration or input. Then, each day I select somewhere between 6 and 20 questions that I find are the most relevant or interesting, and I roll the dice, letting fate decide. This means that some questions will never be asked, while others may be written and selected the same day. That's ok with me.

If you have questions that you think I should be asking, feel free to send me an email: swpwinner at gmail. Or leave a comment on a Non-Question post like this one.

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