Tuesday, February 15


Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. It was Valentine's Day, and I was busy pretty much the whole day.

Today's question is a little bit more random, so get ready for this!

Imagine for a moment that you needed to pack an overnight bag, whether it is for couchsurfing, going to a wedding out of town, or simply having a sleepover with a friend. There are two limitations: everything you pack MUST fit in a single bag that you own, and you have to make the list for someone else to pack for you. What do you write down? What is missing in the lists that others have posted?


  1. ack...one bag? toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, straightener, my scriptures (just the book of mormon), a pair of jeans, two or three shirts, three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear, a pad of paper, a pen and pencil. Considering I'm wearing shoes I sorta only need that one pair. It's unfair cuz I don't know what its for or how long I would need clothes for *grumble*grumble*

    P.s. this is Ashley :P

  2. Just overnight? For my typical overnighter I'd say toothbrush/paste, brush, hair stuff, clean underwear, socks, shirt, and all the stuff in my purse. Oh and my phone charger. Damn smart phones have to be charged every night!

  3. Of course it would depend on where I was going. A wedding would take one thing, while a day chasing cows on the ranch would be another. For a wedding at the ranch...yeah, who knows?

    okay, one bag...am I flying or driving? If I'm flying, my cpap machine does not count as a second bag. If it does, I'm going to take a bigger suitcase!

    Does Toners want pants?

    One thing no one mentioned was medicines...vitamins...stuff like that.

    So let's see, medicines, cpap, vitamins, water bottle, hairbrush, tooth care, lotion, lip balm, clothes to fit the occasions (I would list what when I know where I'm going!), extra shoes, deodorant, wallet, journal (or at least paper) camera with freshly charged battery, pens, (at least two because you never know when they'll die), fully charged cell phone, bandaids, excedrin, and change for a bottle of pop or snacks. Oh yeah, and snacks and a good book because you never know when there will be a delay.

    Possibly a jacket or sweater depending on the weather/time of year, and my travel pillow.

    Are we assuming beds at the place we go? Because if not I need air mattress/pump/sleeping bag/blankets. Good thing I have a giant bag!

    Also no one mentioned feminine supplies or birth control if needed...

    Gee,it's kind of long...maybe I should put it on my blog, if it fit the theme of either.

  4. Hehe. Forgetting pants is totally awesome!

    Ashley, welcome! Toni, welcome! I hope you guys really enjoy the experiment and continue to take part in the community!

    My answer for this one is up!

  5. Who needs pants anyway? :)
    change of clothes, snacks, a book, a pillow, and my laptop/phone and related chargers. My normal travel bag fits everything for a week or two (carry on size and all!)
    A harder question is "what would you take if it were a month and only one bag?"

  6. A month? Pretty much all the same stuff, just a bigger bag.

  7. and a roll of quarters to do laundry :)