Thursday, February 24

The Music at the Moment

Before you answer today's question, go put some music on. This is really important. Whether it is the radio, or your iPod on random, or Pandora, or whatever other method you have for listening to music, go do it. Now. Music is one of those amazing things that tells a story, brings images and memories to the surface, helps you feel joy or pain or simply the desire to dance. I can't possibly express how much I enjoy music. As I've aged, the music that I listen to has shifted slightly; I'm sure this happens to most people. The music I like now I would probably have been horrified by at 13 and simply confused by at 18, but I like a wide variety of music. I like alternative rock, dance music, hip hop, blues, jazz, classical, oldies rock, some country... and on and on. I just like music.

So here's the question: What song are you listening to right now? Who is it by? What does it make you think of? How does it make you feel?


  1. Look, I'm even answering right away! I'm also going to go back tomorrow and answer all the ones I haven't gotten to yet. Along with another question, of course!

    Right now I'm listening to "Add it Up" by the Violent Femmes, a band I picked up my first semester at the University of Utah, back in the dark ages. It reminds me of a simple time, but an incredibly lonely one. And the smell of bread drifting out from Hostess....

  2. I didn't even go put music on...I rarely listen to it anymore. Sometimes in the car I do, and lately my preference has been Country. It seems like country music has changed a lot since I was a teen. There are still the songs where my wife left and my dog died and my truck broke down, but not too many. Maybe there never were; maybe it's a stereotype. And don't you get the same kinds of themes in other music too?

    It seems now that Country has a lot of uplifting messages. One of my favorites is the one about the view from my front door.

    I also like the one about this life being a temporary home. And of course, Farmer's Daughter! Ok, it's not quite as wholesome at first, but it makes me think of my dad and his joking and good-natured ribbing about boys. How he kept his spirits up in spite of his illness I will never know. I think he must have made a conscious daily decision, just as I have to.

  3. I also didn't turn music on, TV is on (Bones ^_^), though for the last day or so, I've had "Falling into the black" by Skillet stuck in my head for days. A band my brother introduced to me. It's a Christian rock band, they lyrics aren't preachy, sometimes whiny, but it appeals to me. Like with my favorite bands, I like a good beat, I don't listen to lyrics much so I think of the vocals as part of the beat.