Thursday, February 10

What it is All About

This blog exists primarily for three reasons:
  1. I'm trying to find a answers to questions of modernity, faith, belief, hope, souls, salvation, eternity, philosophy, life, happiness, honor, truth, justice, politics, and so forth. As such, this blog is built to address anything and everything, but is built around a particular format:
  2. Question and Answer: The idea of this blog isn't to simply post my own ideas, but rather to post questions meant to inspire responses. While some may be inflammatory, they are meant to be insightful and to build community that addresses deep ideas and fosters communication and deep understanding instead of shallow responses and flaming commentary. 
  3. This is my Blog Project for my seminar. As such, although it predates the Blog Projects, anything that I request others do with their blogs I will be doing with this blog. While I certainly do these things with other blogs, the idea here is to prove the concept that building community and establishing a following can certainly lead to success. 
With these three things in mind, the format will be as follows:

Every day (except Sunday) I will post a question. This question may be either simple or complicated, intense or relaxed, depending on how I feel that day. Every day I will post a response to the question on the blog I use that I feel is most fitting for the response. This blog will usually be used, but occasionally I will use one of my other blogs. If I do so, this blog will link to the post on the other one, just in case someone isn't following it.

If your comments are short, feel free to simply post them. If they are longer, you should repost the question and your answer on your own blog and link to the particular question, then comment with a link back to your own blog. This will allow the community to expand, readers to learn more about each other, and enhances the group environment as a whole. This also allows you to more easily comment directly on someone's response, either with a simple comment or another linked post. The first question will be posted shortly.

Finally, on each Sunday I will post a summary of the questions and links back to my own personal favorite responses. This post may end up being long, but I hope it helps tie things together and encourages people to check out questions and answers they missed during the week.

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  1. I posted a link on my blog, I have no idea if any of my few followers will come over, but I hope they will.