Wednesday, February 16

The first real religion question!

Although we had a brief discussion about Jon Huntsman Jr, which naturally included religion, this is the first genuinely religiously oriented question! All religions have history, and for most religions this history goes pretty deep into the past. Even if the actual religion is fairly modern, almost all of them claim lineage or origins from much deeper historic events (such as modern Neo-Paganism associated their beliefs and practices with the pre-monotheist Gods, or Islam claiming ties as far back as Abraham).

In the practice of many religions, pilgrimage is an important part of the process of being a member. Islam even considers the Pilgrimage to be one of the Five Pillars on which the entire religion is based. For other religions, pilgrimage isn't required, but it is still considered to be a sign of faith, commitment, or simply a route to a magnificent religious experience which deeply enhances faith.

What pilgrimage have you always wanted to embark on for your religious group?

If you aren't particularly religious, are there any sites that hold deep historic significance for you for one reason or another (such as Valley Forge, or Stonehenge, etc)?

Either way, where would you like to visit as a pilgrim? What about it makes it special to you?


  1. Always wanted to go to the moon. I could figure out a religious justification for it if pressed.

  2. That really reminds me of this guy I know who goes to the University of Utah. He stole the moon for a girl! Here's the basic story:

    For me, many of the major Pilgrimages for Mormonism are here in Utah. Other places that I'd like to visit would be the Hong Kong Temple and Nauvoo. Now that my family is close to Nauvoo, the latter might end up being much more likely to actually happen.


    My two bits again! Mostly boils down to "pilgrimages are a cool way to supplement what you already believe" and "Baaaaaw I wanna go to Europe"

  4. I've always wanted to go to the ruins in South America, even if they're not really Book of Mormon (which I doubt most of them are but I love archeology) Joy and I wanted to take a trip like that together but it doesn't look like that will happen.

    I also wanted to tour Nauvoo and church history sites. Now I've been to Nauvoo! We took a great carriage ride, saw a play, and spent time at the visitor's center, the last time we went. It was pretty cool stuff.

    Grammy took a trip to the Holy Land and loved it! The pictures look a lot like the part of California where I grew up--maybe because I have gently rolling mountains, vineyards, and olive trees in the front yard of my childhood home.

  5. I would like to do many of the major religious pilgrimages. Mecca, the Holy Land, Nauvoo and Palmyra, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, you name it.