Thursday, March 10

LinkedIn and Social News

LinkedIn is running a new social network news stream service. The basic concept is that the news which shows up is customized by you and influenced primarily by what other users share. This would make it so that you see things which are the closest to your own network, interests, and industry. Go check it out if you want. News Service

My question is, would you actually use something like this? Most people aren't super into reading the news, and when they do it is often more recreational than work-oriented: reading the sports page or the comics, rather than business news and so forth. If it were specifically targeted to you, however, would you read it?


  1. I don't know. Does it have Dear Abby and the crossword puzzles?

    I have to admit that I am more into light news--definitely more recreational rather than stress-oriented. Sometimes I feel guilty about that, like I'm not patriotic or doing enough for my city or country.

    I was going to subscribe to the local paper and I haven't even done that. Though, really, it's not terribly impressive as papers go. And I don't want to make some poor paperboy go out in the cold winter to deliver. Brrr.....!
    Yeah, like you're gonna believe that, right?
    Okay, okay, I need a better excuse.

  2. I occasionally read news related to business and finance, and I have specific keywords saved on iGoogle so I see specific news articles, but I haven't been keeping up with the news while I've been away.

  3. I don't use such things, but if I did I'd probably spend about as much time on them as I do on facebook. I spend a good bit of time reading the BBC news, but that's about as 'with it' as I get for news sources. And John Stewart :)