Tuesday, March 1

Question Requirements

This is mostly a maintenance page, but I wanted somewhere to point to when anyone asks whether they can contribute questions. The short answer is "Absolutely" and the long answer is to please follow the following guidelines:

  • Questions on any topic are welcome. The current topics I am writing questions for include (but are not limited to) religion, philosophy, politics, modernity, death, community, and randomness. 
  • If you want to suggest a question, please email me (swpwinner@gmail.com) or send them via Facebook. 
  • Please let me know where you would like a link sent so that I can attribute the question properly.
  • Write more than just the question. If you read through my questions, they include explanations, background, stories, or just extra tidbits.
That's all for now. I may add more later, but if I do I'll post linking back here.

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