Thursday, March 31

Copyright Law

I was reading through a friend's blog today, and she posted a video commemorating Tienanmen Square and the political violence that has occurred so many times in the past, and undoubtedly will in the future. I clicked to watch the video, and Youtube popped up with the following message:
Now, here's my question: Is this censorship? Is this kind of copyright protection acceptable? Mind you, this was created by a corporation, but the information the video contains is NEWS. Political forgetfulness is so much stronger if we don't have access to free video footage from the past. I personally find this reprehensible, but wanted to get other opinions...


  1. I could go on and on about copyright, but I recently encountered a slightly new angle, tying copyright protections to income inequality. Think about that.
    In regards to news and censorship, it's only a slightly different issue. Developed countries for decades have been using copyrights and intellectual property laws to hold developing countries hostage; how is that different from using it to hold political views hostage?

  2. I guess if they produced it they have the right to copyright it, but it seems like all that does is make them unpopular.

    Remember most of history was produced without has been discovered through archaeology, handwritten records--official and unofficial--and legend and lore.