Tuesday, March 1

Food? Food. Food!

The topic for today's question is courtesy of Starr, who has kindly offered several question topics for submission. A couple were already in place other places, but this one I hadn't been ready to approach yet. It is a little broad, and I may choose to narrow it later, but for now, here goes:

When it comes to food, everyone has their own ideas, philosophies, and quirks. Whether your diet is spectacularly color coded, you think eating meat is murder, or you simply like to cut out the toxic foods from your diet, you certainly have your own thing. What is peculiar about your own diet? What drives these choices? Do you ever vary from your philosophic decisions, or do you stick to your guns?


  1. Funny you asked this just now. I'm eating about the way I always have--mostly good foods, no sweets, cut out salt, but now worrying too much about preservatives and all that except to avoid nitrates for the headaches.

    I am, however, considering "The Maker's Diet" a biblical based way of eating. I haven't fully committed to doing it yet for a couple of reasons. One is that when you "detox" it can make you feel sicker at first--like I need to feel any sicker. The other is that it means switching to organic, shopping at new stores, and putting effort into cooking, which I haven't done much lately. I'm kind of just eating on the run, eating what's convenient. I am managing my job fairly well, but I hit exhaustion point way too often.

    The reason I am considering it is that I have added lots of supplements to my diet--good vitamins, calcium, magnesium, etc. and while they help a lot I never get well. So maybe it's time to start taking away rather than adding and see if that helps. No grape leaves though please! Or sushi! I draw the line at those.

  2. Foods I don't/can't eat:
    Cooked tomatoes- tastes too sweet and doesn't work for me.
    Peanut butter- don't like the taste/smell, and it's all my dad's fault.
    Pastries with preservatives- I'm allergic to sulfas, sulfates and sulfites. These are found in brown sugar, molasses and preservatives. I actually don't mind this allergy most of the time. I have to eat healthier then I was before, and I feel better from it. I also spend less on food, since I can't eat most of the food.

    When I eat is also as important as what I eat. If I eat before 8am, I am starving the rest of the day which makes me cranky and miserable. After 8ish, I like to munch on food. I don't like meals, so much as as small snacks all day (yogurt, veggies, small meat at end of deay, lots of bread stuff).

  3. I avoid anything wrapped in plastic. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_Garbage_Patch ). Not always successful- you'd be surprised how prevalent plastic is and recycling in our area leaves much to be desired. I don't eat much meat 'cause the industry infuriates me and it is rather costly- I know how much it costs to raise a cow, alright? Not 2.70$/pound for hamburger.
    Otherwise, I keep processed foods to a minimum. Did you know our bodies take about twice as long to decompose as they used to because of all the preservatives we eat? Kinda creeps me out, and besides- it takes less food when what you eat fills all your dietary needs, which saves money. I can eat a decent sized salad and be content or a whole bag of chips and be hungry still.
    I do lots of farmers market shopping when it's open, which is wonderful in part because I'm sort of into the 'buy local' thing and it helps me avoid crazy chemicals.